Raid Teams

For the Battle for Azeroth expansion we are running two dedicated raid teams that offer a serious progression oriented atmosphere and another that is a more semi-casual one.

Raid Force One – Tues/Wed at 7:30PM-10:30PM CST
This is a CE team dedicated to pushing as hard as possible. Raiders on this team are required to be at the top of their game and compete for spots throughout progression. In addition to the Tues/Wed raid nights, Raid Force One farms heroic during the week. You are not required to attend these off-raid nights. If you’re not ready or cannot commit to this team, there is an alternative below.

Sloppy Seconds – Tues/Sun at 8:00PM-11:00PM CST
This team casually pushes through heroic and mythic content. This does not mean that we just screw around. This is not a carry group or a “B” team and you are expected to perform well or you may be asked to sit. Sloppy Seconds extends lockouts frequently.

Trial Periods: Trial length is determined by farm content versus extended progression. Typically, a trial period can last 1-2 weeks. However, during extended progression it can be much shorter. You will be contacted by the raid leader or an officer whether you have passed your trial.

Raider Requirements: We require every raider, even on our optional nights, to have the knowledge required to both perform their class mechanics as well as execute the boss fights as needed. We understand people make mistakes but we do not tolerate repeated failures. We expect our mythic raiders to be 470+ item level and have a neck level of 80+. Please note that requirements do change as the tier progresses.

Required Add-ons: Before expecting to join our raid teams you should be familiar with these add-ons. They are required on your first night and all future nights of raiding:

  • Angry Assignments
  • DeadlyBossMods, BigWigs, or an equivalent
  • SimulationCraft and Raidbots experience
  • Weak Auras

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