Raid Teams

For Shadowlands we offer a variety of raiding atmospheres, from hardcore to semi-hardcore:

Minutes to Midnight – Tues/Sun at 8:00PM-11:00PM CST
(6hrs) This semi-hardcore group has evolved since the beginning of Battle for Azeroth. They started BFA as a 1-day heroic raiding team, but switched to a 2-day mythic raiding team in the last tier, Ny’alotha. They ended progression at 11/12M! The team expects you to stay up-to-date on your class, run your weekly PvE obligations, bring your own consumables to raid, and be aware of our raid strategies. MM will be pushing CE in Shadowlands.

De Other Raid – Fri/Saturday at 7-10pm CST
(6hrs) Are you looking for a raid team but can’t commit to a hardcore mythic schedule? De Other Raid may be for you! Our sights are on getting heroic on farm then dabbling our toes into Mythic waters. We expect you to be prepared with appropriate raid knowledge, consumables and enchantments, and daily work put in on your character. Our goal main is down bosses and have fun!

Trial Periods: Trial length is determined by farm content versus extended progression. Typically, a trial period can last 1-2 weeks, totaling 2-4 raids nights. However, during extended progression, trial periods are much shorter. You will be contacted by the raid leader or an officer whether you passed trial. RCLootCouncil may or may not be used.

Raider Requirements and Add-ons: We require every raider, even on optional nights, to have the knowledge required to both perform in their class and execute mechanics properly. We understand people make mistakes, but we do not tolerate repeated failure. We expect our mythic raiders to have extensive knowledge of the current tier and have suitable character alternatives if their class is performing sub-optimally.

Required Add-ons: Before expecting to join our raid teams you should be familiar with these add-ons. They are required on your first night and all future nights of raiding:

  • ExorsusRaidTools
  • DeadlyBossMods
  • SimulationCraft and Raidbots
  • Weak Auras
  • RCLootCouncil

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