Guild Ranks, Officers, and Perks

Leadership and Ranks

Our current guild ranks appear as they do in-game and are thematic to the current expansion. We’ll be continuing this tradition going into Shadowlands. That way ranks can stay fresh but also be relevant to our gameplay and social communities.

High Warlord: Current guild master of <M Y T H I C C>, Gingertail (Tarugala, Mayunie, and Yuumie). GM coordinates officer meetings, organizes internet medias like our and WoW Progress pages, and manages our guild’s Discord. Also, with all other officers, handles HR issues in Discord and in-game.

Warlord: Responsible for creating donation drive events, Lavella, restocks the guild bank and manages wealth with our sales coordinator.

General: Officers who manage day-to-day happenings, social communities, recruitment, our website, and other responsibilities. If you need to reach an officer for help, suggest ideas, or to address an issue you are having, look for them in-game or under “Generals” in the side bar of Discord. Their game names are (alts are not listed):

  • Kurrs – Lead recruitment coordinator and sales coordinator
  • Gosudawn – Recruitment officer and KDS co-coordinator
  • Sooshi – LFG/PVP coordinator and KDS co-coordinator
  • Lavella – Raid leader for Raid Force One
  • Izzacpally – Raid leader for Sloppy Seconds
  • Zid – Raid leader for Prestige Worldwide

Raider and KDS Ranks

Raid Force One, Sloppy Seconds, Prestige Worldwide, and Keystone Dream Squad: These ranks are for all raid team and keystone members. Players have gone through an application and interview process or been invited privately. If you wish to be promoted to any these ranks, please reach out to any recruitment officer, raid leader, or an officer for one of these teams. Additionally, these groups have daily guild bank access and repairs allowing for regular or emergency use.

  • Raid Force One – Lavella or Kurrs
  • Sloppy Seconds – Izzacpally or Tarugala
  • Prestige Worldwide – Zid
  • Keystone Dream Squad – Sooshi or Gosudawn

Keystone Dream Squad has an in-Discord application process found in the #kds-apps channel.

New Member Ranks

Trials are members who are going through a grace period before they can be promoted to their desired team. Usually this lasts 1-2 weeks depending on the current raid team’s progression. If warranted, these grace periods may be extended at anytime. If your trial period has ended and your rank hasn’t been adjusted yet, speak to your team’s officer for more information.

Trial: An incoming candidate for a new team lasting 1-2 weeks before promotion or rejection.

Alt: Player alts.

Legionnaire: All incoming members are assigned this base rank. If you’re interested in a promotion, please seek out an officer for consideration.


The guild bank has two tabs called the Daily Dose tabs that players with raider and KDS ranks may withdrawal from daily. Whether you’re short on funds or stuck in a dungeon and need drums, there are a multitude of goods at your fingertips. We also offer guild repairs, courtesy of our CFO and sales officer. We host “seasonal” donation drives to restock the guild bank, as well as frequent sales services to replenish our gold reserves. Wanna see (some of) my wares?

  • Major ring enchants
  • Weapon enchants
  • Food stacks
  • Gems
  • Drums
  • Healing and mana potions
  • Flasks
  • Battle Scrolls