Dance Dance Revolution, RF1 ed.

Sashay Left, Shimmy Right! Raid Force 1 proved they were the dance masters of Castle Nathria, quickly sidestepping the Council of Blood in mythic! They even took home all the loots… except for Tjuan who got that trinket, you know… the Macabre Sheet Music. 🐸 We all feel for you, we truly do. Those stingy council members did you dirty.

RF1 plows ahead to Sludgefist, the BDSM pillar smasher, uuuWuuu. Quite different from heroic difficulty, they’ll have to manage the new soak mechanic while not yeeting whoever their tethered to… I mean, if I saw a Blood Elf chained to me, I could do unforgivable things to them, and I’d be OK with it. Good luck RF1 and congratulations to a well earned progression boss!

Lady Inerva Weakvein, RF1 ed.

RF1 dazzled and amazed when they annihilated Lady Inerva after just FIVE pulls… after just one night of progression… πŸ™€

It doesn’t come as a surprise to me since they’re mad pumpers. RF1 has already started their Council progression as this article comes late. They’re getting closer and closer to Daddynathrius every week. With the end almost in sight, I can’t wait to watch their Denathrius progression and see if they can master the mirror phase!

Operation: Sunstrider, RF1 ed.

RF1 strikes again after blazing through Castle Nathria faster than Arthas sacked the Eastern Kingdoms! But instead of burning the place to the ground, they saved the Son of Silvermoon! He was almost a kinky anima fountain for Zaddynathrius – his kinks know no bounds. ⛓️

Opting for the “blow your load” double Resto Shaman with Ascendance build – they were able to push through and soak that fiery daddy all the way to the finish line. 🌊 Congratulations RF1 and good luck on the rest of your progress!

Isn’t Sooshi adorbs!? πŸ’–

Huntsman And Devourer Hunted, RF1 ed.

The tier is here and RF1 plowed ahead and claimed kills on both Humpsmen and Dadvourer! πŸ†πŸ˜‰

Since being widely recognized by the community that CN is in fact a daddy issues raid tier (with Daddynathrius on top uwu), RF1 is forcing their way to the end to claim their prize. There’s a PS5 waiting for everyone at the end but be careful – Prince Renethal gonna steal yo man!

Congratulations to RF1 on their progress and good luck going into Sun King!… he iiis technically a Blood Elf though… so maybe not save him?… but a cool Belf… I’m so conflicted… 🀷

RF1 Gets AoTC

β€œDefy Revendreth? I AM Revendreth!”

The first “Ahead of the Curve” was claimed this expansion by Raid Force One! Opting to finish heroic before delving into mythic progression, RF1 spent several raid nights perfecting the dance downstairs which seemed to do the trick. Daddynathrius gave out some of his PS5’s to RF1 his sugar babies, although I don’t recall if I saw any trinkets, oh well. Daddy giveth and Daddy taketh. Remornialess, congratulations to RF1 and it’s hardworking members! πŸ—‘οΈ

Bootygoblin, a RF1 raid officer, was kind enough to put together a kill video! Fire mage POV of course. My favorite part is Kurrs nerdgasming at the end, check it out below! πŸ”₯

“RF1 NYAAA!” – A Tier In Review

It’s the end of another tier and with that we have our “end of tier” review. πŸ₯³

Ny’alother, the Derping Kitty, was a very fun raid tier. From finally spanking Wrathion for the shit he pulled in Pandaria (albeit a fake Wraywray) to gunning down the big bad tentacle daddy lord himself in a N’zothian driveby, NYA wrapped up several major lore narratives while delivering diverse class desig… fuck it, you needed to be a fire mage, gg. πŸ”₯

NYA had glaring PvE problems mainly with the last borrowed power system of the expac- corruption. Unlike the Eternal Palace and benthic gear, corruption was not purchasable for a long time and when it was available, it was on a rotating vendor. You had to rely solely on RNGesus: first for your BiS piece to drop, then for it to corrupt – to one out of the MANY corruptions that you needed. Some classes benefitted from corruption more than others, too. As in the case for Fire Mage, it was all stat mastery corruption and for others, it may have been infinite stars or echoing void. If you got lucky early enough, your DPS numbers were light years ahead of others, especially in the case of IS and EV – both highly over tuned corruptions. After the world first race, Blizzy did reign in some corruptions but you can see below how these powers were not balanced and carried early progression fights.

Throwadox, a RF1 team officer, said that “overall I think the corruption system had more downs than ups and I would rather not have a similar system be introduced again. And if we’re talking PvP, corruption is the most un-fun and unfair power that was introduced into the game making classes and comps exceptionally strong (Hpal infinite CD’s thanks to IT, mages and locks having 100% haste and casting <1sec polymorphs/fears/chaos bolts and <2sec greater pyro and rogue/DH which 50%+ of their damage came from gushing wounds/lash of the void).”

Zalasmina said regarding corruption: “I’m sick of borrowed power, this expac was a joke, fuck this game.” 🀷 Hard words from a person with back toes but his feelings can be summarized in the picture below – we love to hate to play this game!

Some more thoughts are as follows:

β€œThe only thing worse than corruption was tentacle porn, and they added both in 1 patch.” -B

“To me, corruption was borrowed power without reasonable limits on top of a patch full of reused assets and art. The fact that obtaining useful corruption was also entirely RNG for a while just sort of killed 8.3 for me and a few other friends.” -P

In the end, RF1 beat daddy uWucles and savored their first CE in MYTHICC. It was well-deserved and a long time coming having been so close in previous tiers this expac. Below is a collection of RF1 and WW/SS moments enjoyed throughout NYA!


On Tuesday night, Raid Force One did the unimaginable (not really, but that’s just a fun word to use). They blasted their way into the belly of the beast and defeated N’zoth on mythic difficulty! πŸ₯‚ Two lucky members of the team, Shytrap and Highprofit, got the enigmatic mythic only mount, the Ny’alotha Allseer.

Now 12/12 mythic progression, RF1 is planning for a couple of things. They aim to clear all of mythic while also preparing for Shadow Lands. They also might start trials again! Whether that be the case or not, congratulations Raid Force One!!! πŸŽ†

Enjoy the kill video below!

Caurevoir N’zoth

Raid Force One officially downed Carapace of N’zoth, the Thick Purple Tendy Zaddy, making them 11/12 mythic! It was a well earned kill with *mumble over a hundred pulls mumble 🀫* to defeat the Lovecraftian horror. RF1 is doing a reclear next week before diving through the depths to face N’zoth, the Corrupter – the last Old God and clearly a Panda.

Clap if you believe in RF1 🧚! Let’s go!


Raid Force One defeated Il’gynoth the Floating Eyeball Organ thing in mythic Ny’alotha this week! Unfortunately, the boss was extremely buggy due to a recent nerf from Blizzard ❄️. Many guilds encountered this bug in heroic and mythic difficulty, effectively removing an entire mechanic from the fight! Blizz quickly hot fixed it so reclearing it should be a TREAT 🀣! I will sacrifice a Tauren for a good pull…

Raid Force One is now 10/12 mythic – cutting edge is getting closer AND closer! Gogogo Raid Force One!


On Wednesday, Raid Force One defeated the mad titan keeper, Ra-den, on mythic difficulty. The encounter was an event to remember! Only one lone member remained alive (a ret paladin, go figure πŸ’β€β™€οΈ). While the rest of us cheered him on, Gosudawn bubbled and solo’d the last 1 million health getting 3 twilight devastation(s) within 6 seconds, securing us the kill. RF1 finished the rest of the night reclearing Xanax πŸ’Š and Vexywexy 🐲.

Here is a fun group picture on Ra-den’s platform and another picture of the man himself, Gosudawn!

Thankfully, the disgusting troll back toes were well hidden for the people with sensitive eyes πŸ‘€!